Paint the World

Colourful Pleasance

Spectrum of rainbow, arrival of the light from its source can be calculated by its effect, action and their reactions.

Progression in Session

Creative Process

Creative Process

Design can embrace any product or system and employ and creative skill. Real designing does not occur in steps or stages, but in more complex turn of events. It consist of different types of activities carried out at right moment in time, often more than once, with no predictable sequence.

Kansept Skate

Do not complain

and whine about anything as problems are meant to be solved. As designers of products and application in life.

Kansept Skate

To distinguish

the genuineness, look first for its intention.
Kansept Skate


낼름 보단 야금야금
Tae Kwon Do Kansept


and everything that are Citrus 🍋


Revolving Prototypes

The most common design activity is shifting between creating and judjing. Shifting focus means trying out a different assumption, in order to check out other possibilities. “word” and “reword” remaining fluid for as long as possible.

Sound Design
Sound Design


is fluid. a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds. realized in the lab.

Creative Process
Shipping & Handling