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A powerful tool for store interiors and trade show displays. Pull up banners are easy to transport and they are designed to maximize impact, a perfect visual presentation to make any brand pop.

Standard Pull Up Banners

Featuring a matte finish that softens glare, these pull up banners, also referred as Retractable Banners include a durable standard frame. They are effective and portable way to communicate ideas and messages at events and shows.


  • Size: 33″ x 81″
  • Big on impact, compact to maximize space
  • Trade shows and conventions.

production time
7 – 10 business days
printing and assembly delivered

Kansept Silver Case Pull Up Banners

13oz Matte Vinyl

Printed on reliable 13oz matte vinyl. This material reduces glare in strong lighting, so that important messages can always be seen.

Kansept Retractable Banner Stand

Case and Stand

Silver case is sturdy and two feet on the stand twist out to ensure that pull up banner is stable and securely displayed.

Pull up banner carrying case

Carrying Case

Custom printed retractable banner comes with a complimentary carrying case. Use this travel bag to take them anywhere.

Kansept Retractable Banners Lineup

Types and Sizes

• Standard • Premium • Wide Premium
• Table Top • Double Sided
• 12″ to 47″ wide x 18″ to 81″ tall

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