Introducing a Model
interviewed by KANSEPT embellished for RUNWAYS
Unlike our human counterparts, we’ve got no sketchy days (of course we’re illustrations) nor moody interactions during that perfect photoshoots. Always the smile for whatever the situations. We will be always, consistently royal to you and the company.

Kansept’s characters are decorated in harmony with your already established entity. We fit them, dress them, make them up to brandify your business further. Shapes and colours that are punchy, easily remembered and to be associated than (unless you’re Brad Pittour human counterparts.

One Impactful design is fitted upon reviewing your current brand and its outlook. Corporates seeking the regular drills of briefs and preliminaries, please contact us for more details.

Characters are good for campaigns, trade shows, interior and exterior embellishments as signs and window displays. Check out the headshots of our wannabes in waits to forever substitute our eternal nemesis, the human counterparts (except for Zoolander, he coo!)


is fluid. a progressive motion where there’s no end . an abstract idea or notion that is conceived in the minds. realized in the lab.

Creative Process
Shipping & Handling